Ice Hockey

Somebody in chat told me "You normally don't play sport games but you seem to have lots of fun with them" and yeah that it's true but I believe the magic comes when they are being play live and with a goal. If that would have been a casual play I believe my mood will have been so differently. Anyway let's talk about the game: "CANADIAN FATTYS" the crowd was yelling, six teams were selected to play against each other but at the end only one team conquered the other 5 you already know which one "Canadian Fattys". The game has a really good music, good player change system, good controllers and good speed. Definitely i believe this is the best Hockey game on the NES (still haven't play them all). The fat characters are very OP, but i believe that for experience players a more balanced team should be better than my "Canadians Fattys". I cannot wait to play this coop one day.