Adventures of Rad Gravity

I have to say that I am really impressed with the game, it has too many good things and the dificulty is one of those, I love it. Another one is the variety of weapons you are able to use. The third one are the puzzles you need to solve in order to keep going in the game. There is only one really awefull problem with this game and that is not the momentum physics or the hit boxes (Note: they really suck). The main problem with the game is the MUSIC. What a shameful piece of crap. This game would have been a lot more enjoyable just with that simple detail, BETTER MUSIC. I know now is 2014 but I still feel sorry for those who had to listen this game music back in the days when the game was realised. This is like Antrax but for the ears or even worse is like a NO MAMES Symphony.